Yala National Park

Yala national park is the most visited park in Sri Lanka. It covers approximately 980 square kilometers and is approximately 300 Km away from Colombo. The park is a 30 minute drive away from "Yala Heights".

The park is an amalgamation of multiple eco-systems ranging from moist monsoon rain forests to grasslands and fresh water and marine wet lands. Divided in to five seperate blocks, the park has an estimated 44 mammals species including the Sri Lankan Elephant and Leopard as well as 215 bird species, six of which are endemic to Sri Lanka. The park has the highest leopard density in the world, with Block I of the park, home to an estimated 25 - 30 leopards.

The wild boar, Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Deer and Wild water buffalo are the some of the other mammals that can be seeing at the Yala National Park.

A half-day or full-day safari at the park can be arranged by our experienced team on request.